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licensed Austrian Amateur Radio Station
Operator: Wolfgang K. Meister
QRA locator: JN88EG
Vienna / Austria

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"Amateur Radio ?" - How does it work?

Amateur Radio, so called "Ham Radio" is the ability to communicate with available or self built stations
on legal assigned frequencies under strict rules. Communicating across the street, around the world,
or even with people and satellites in space!  Even when the power's out, and the land lines and cell phones
don't work, with a battery, a radio, and a wire, ham radio is there. Ham Radio lets us enjoy life-long friends,
and a hands-on technical education.  It provides the resources  and encouragement to experiment with new
things and to design and build on the latest communications technologies.  
You can go anywhere you want, without boundaries, and amateur radio can help you get there!
(part of text by Doug Lamb K4EK)

Radio amateurs, often called “hams,” enjoy radio technology as a hobby.

But it's also a service – a vital service that has saved lives when regular communication systems failed.
For advanced users...

more will come...
The possibilities are endless...
just the sun has an impact: <sunspots> and <propagation>
and the equipment ?

built it, bought it, swapped it - does it work all the ime ;-)
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